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All our events can be delivered with bespoke, customised content that meet the needs of your group. We can deliver full or part day sessions for mixed delegates of partner organisations at local venues; in-house sessions targeted to the needs of your own staff; or one to one coaching and mentoring.


Our expertise covers a broad range of housing, welfare, health and social care, social enterprise and business management issues.  The topics below are a sample of our 'off the shelf' courses available.  If it does not cover your particular requirements please contact us so that we can discuss your needs and options available.


Bite Sized Housing

October 23, 2016

  • Do you work with clients in social or private tenancies?  

  • Do you work in partnership with local housing providers?  

  • Do you need to know more about what your colleagues do for better joined up services?


These sessions can be delivered to non-expert teams in short, informal sessions of between 90 minutes and 2 hours to provide an overview of the main rules and features of a range of housing management services. Designed to be fun and informative, find out everything you ever wanted to know but were scared to ask ...

  • Who gets a house - how a housing list is managed and the housing allocations process

  • When things get tricky - the rules and restrictions around anti-social behaviour and common nuisance problems

  • Keeping people afloat - what housing services do to help their tenants manage debts, find work and cope with the crises of life and changes in circumstances

  • Can we fix it? - who is responsible for getting repairs done, What to do when they aren't

  • The added benefits - understanding the key stages and features of making a claim for Universal Credit, and how you can support your client and help them be ready for welfare reform changes

  • Assisted living - services available when tenants and their family members are struggling to live independently in the community: aids and adaptations, telecare, handyperson services, housing support

Succesful and Sustainable Tenancies: Changing the Approach

October 23, 2016

Tenancy Sustainment is now measured by the Scottish Housing Regulator every year.   We benchmark our results against each other, and aim to keep as many new tenancies as possible running for a year or more.  But is that enough?  Does staying in a tenancy make it a success - for either your tenants, or for your organisation?

Does it matter what the experience is like for your tenant, or how the tenancy eventually comes to an end?

This course aims to provoke discussion and stretch traditional thinking about the way our core housing, estate and property management services are delivered.  It will look beyond the tenancy and towards the tenant.  It will explore how housing organisations can make every tenancy a success regardless of how long it lasts, from pre-allocation to after it ends.

At the end of the course your will:

- Understand the national policies and outcomes that drive regulatory interests

- Understand the social and business costs of tenancies failing

- Define a successful tenancy, and now how to measure it

- Understand the practical steps that can be built into mainstream practices

- Understand the importance of whole organisational culture and practice

- Identify partner agencies and services

- Have the tools to develop a strategy and action plan, and to identify practical steps for change

Full and half day sessions can be delivered in-house or as an event for delegates from several organisations in local venues.  Customised support is also available for your organisation to develop strategic thinking and action planning, or to review operational practice.

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Universal Credit - You and the Customer Journey

October 23, 2016

Is your organisation ready for the roll out of Universal Credit?


- Do you know the likely impact on your business from the direct payment of housing costs?

- Do your tenants know what to expect?

- Are you ready to support your staff and your customers for the changes ahead?


Full and half-day in-house training sessions are available for social landlords, advice and support partners.


Customised support is also available for your organisation to prepare for the impacts, to guide your staff through the universal credit claim journey and to assess the readiness of your systems and processes.


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