Leadership, Training and Development


I am very experienced in making presentations and in leading workshops for the housing, welfare and social care sectors on a regular basis.   My ability to present complex policy issues simply and in a friendly and down to earth style makes me a popular choice for repeat invitations at local, regional and national events.


I am also experienced at presenting and leading in-house policy briefings, training workshops and seminars and events for local audiences; ranging from voluntary board and elected members, staff groups, policy decision makers, tenant and community groups.

I am an experienced practitioner in process mapping, appreciative enquiry and action learning.  I am also a trained practitioner of Community Engagement in Regeneration and SP=EED techniques. 


I always enjoy the opportunity for a mentoring role, and have led and supported individual staff and teams to adapt positively to new ways of working.  I have direct experience of both the challenges and the positive outcomes of change, and am well placed to support you to review structures and approaches, and to implement the outcomes.





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